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The Eternal Cool of Back-to-School

It's always been fiercely important for me to put my individual mark on the world. That's why back-to-school shopping wasn't just for grabbing a new pair of Chucks: it meant building my set of blank canvases to show everyone who exactly I was that particular year.

A new backpack's pristine nylon panels were soon to be covered with the names of my favorite bands scratched out in black and blue Bic ink. (I nearly punched a classmate in the face when he threatened to write "Spin Doctors" on my backpack as retribution for a slight long forgotten.)

Textbooks were swiftly covered in plain brown grocery bags, all the better for more pen and marker doodles, none of which had anything to do with Trigonometry or World History. And notebooks and folders were obviously labeled as mine by the Nightmare Before Christmas and holographic cat stickers flourishing on their faces.

Though my high school years are long past me, the tradition continues. The first thing my husband and I did when we bought our Yeti cooler this summer was to slap a Carton Brewing sticker on the lid, quickly joined by a host of other beer and National Parks-related sticker companions.

My laptop, phone, and iPad all proudly boast the inspirational figures of the Schuyler Sisters… and a few cats for *other* inspiration and inducing smiles during stressful writers' block moments.

And what's a better inspiration for hiking or climbing to invisible heights on the gym's Arc Trainer than a water bottle sticker that tells you everything's going to be "alright, alright, alright"?


How do you make your life feel more "you"—what little touches do you add to your cubicles, planners, and other essentials? I would love to see how you're personalizing your world! Tag #caseybarbershop on your Instagram and Twitter posts to share your personal canvases.