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A Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving, we had a vastly different guest list than for any of the past 9 years we've hosted the annual feast: namely, that we didn't have any guests whatsoever.

Yes, for the first time in a decade, my husband, Dan, and I were completely on our own for the entire holiday weekend, without a revolving-door lineup of parents, siblings, and friends around the table, or any commitments to keep. What to do with ourselves?

Luckily, Netflix somehow anticipated this might happen (was it the algorithm? did it know?), and released the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life revival the day after Thanksgiving.

So, instead of roasting a turkey and cramming the fridge full of leftovers, we celebrated the holiday Gilmore-style: hanging out, just the two of us, and gorging ourselves our favorite Thanksgiving dishes—stuffing, potato gratin, pie, and coffee. Do you really need anything else?

Cozied up under blankets, TV trays at the ready, we took our job seriously, reconnecting with Lorelai, Rory, and Emily, and once again immersing ourselves in their world.

And despite all the very valid criticisms of the revival, from Sookie's non-presence to the endless, one-joke musical (even though I love you, Sutton Foster) to Rory's professional incompetence to the last four words—all criticisms with which I agree—just being in the presence of my Girls and in the Stars Hollow-verse was overwhelmingly comforting and satisfying.

As outlandishly quirky as some of the plot points and character quirks could be, my connection to these people has always been very close and real, and it was just so good to have them back in my life again. Where they lead, I will follow.

(True story: I was once at a party tipsily trying to remember a conversation. When I asked Dan, "who was I just talking about Kerouac with last week?" he reminded me that I was actually thinking of an exchange between Paris and Jess, not a real-life moment.)

Being back with the Gilmore Girls was so satisfying that now I'd like it to become an annual tradition. We're once again light on guests this year, so I have the chance to hand-pick some of my favorite episodes from the original run and go once more unto the breach. (As it did in 2016, the Up network is running its Gilmore the Merrier marathon during Thanksgiving week, so even if you don't have Netflix, you can get in on the action.)

And if Amy Sherman-Paladino (and her hat) decide to bring Gilmore Girls back for yet another series, I kind of hope it's released over Thanksgiving weekend. A girl could get used to this.