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10 Years of Mad Men
How has it been 10 whole years since Joan Holloway, Paul Kinsey, and the rest of the madcap team at Sterling Cooper first graced us with their presence?

(What else was happening in 2007? Well, both the iPhone and the Kindle made their debuts, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published, Barry Bonds hit his record-breaking 756th home run*, and Bob Barker retired from The Price is Right.)

Even though I have a looong laundry list of TV shows to start watching or catch up on, I decided to start re-watching Mad Men a few weeks ago. Still on season one, I'm already having a grand old time picking up the first inklings of the themes that will carry throughout the series during its run: Roger Sterling's nihilistic streak, the steely glory of Trudy Campbell, and Peggy Olson's eternally terrible taste in men. (Pete! Duck! Ted Chaough!)

That a show so firmly steeped in nostalgia can still feel immediately memorable today is a tad bit amazing, especially considering the wave of "peak TV" that followed it. With so much to take in and absorb, (see also: my TV laundry list, which probably looks a lot like yours), it's a testament to Mad Men that it remains such a touchstone for so many of us.

It's on Netflix now, if you want to fall down the rabbit hole with me and experience Don and Co.'s long, strange trip from Ossining to Esalen again—or for the first time. I can't wait to watch Peggy and Joan's badass journey once more. Martinis, oysters, and zou bisou bisous optional.

What Mad Men moments would you like to see immortalized in The Casey BarberSHOP?